What Our Gym Offers

Top-Rated Gym Programs In Eagle

Group Sessions

Suitable for all fitness levels, our Group Sessions at our gym in Eagle offer a vibrant mix of tailored workouts to enhance fitness, flexibility, and strength. Led by experienced instructors, these sessions promise an engaging community atmosphere for participants to achieve their personal goals. Join us to energize your exercise routine!

1-On-1 Personal Training

Our personal training program at our gym in Eagle is designed to fast-track your fitness results. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced athlete, our dedicated trainers provide personalized workouts and expert guidance to perfect your form and elevate your skills.

Youth Training

Discover our Youth Training program, designed to instill healthy habits and enhance athletic skills in young participants. Through age-appropriate workouts and fun fitness challenges, we empower kids and teens to build strength, confidence, and a lifelong love for physical activity. Start your child’s fitness journey with us!

Open Gym

Explore our Open Gym program, offering the flexibility to train at your own pace with full access to our cutting-edge gym in Eagle. Perfect for those who prefer a self-directed workout or want to supplement their regular fitness regimen. Come whenever you want and shape your own fitness journey!

USAW Weightlifting

Join our USAW program, a beginner-friendly Olympic Weightlifting class in Eagle designed for all levels. Enhance your Snatch and Clean & Jerk techniques through skill transfer exercises, footwork drills, grip techniques, and strength-building exercises. Experience measurable improvement in your lifts with our comprehensive training approach.


Our Nutrition program offers customized plans tailored to your goals, whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or boosting athletic performance. With top-tier nutrition coaching at our gym in Eagle, we help you eat healthier and feel your best every day. Discover a plan designed specifically for you.

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